English Bay, Vancouver, BC


Marco Paolella, President, Marcon Group of Companies

The Marcon team is excited to create homes in the West End.
What’s driving that?

I like to take time to walk around and experience the neighbourhood where we’re planning to build homes. The team and I will explore its side streets and take in the main thoroughfares to familiarize ourselves with the community or, in the case of the West End, get reacquainted with it.

Everywhere we went we saw people on bikes, reading on balconies, sitting on street-level terraces with a dog at their feet. We saw such mature vegetation, and you could tell that most of the people we passed were local to the neighbourhood—it gives the West End a really different feel. These people are all neighbours, and that’s what makes this the only true residential community in the downtown core.

What we saw on those walks reaffirmed our thinking: the West End is the next frontier in Vancouver’s evolution. It’s spectacular.


Also known as: one of the most respected developers in BC since 1985, with over 10,000 homes that symbolize excellence. Offering quality design and construction, green initiatives and an exceptional after-sales service program, Marcon creates homes that are a trusted investment for the future.



Also known as: the team of architects who’ve created some of the West End’s most notable landmarks -- including the Sylvia Tower and the tree-topped high-rise of Eugenia Place. Today, they’re the visionary architects magnificently redesigning the whole city’s facade, from the Woodwards building and Telus Garden to Mirabel.

Alda Pereira Portrait


Also known as: the famed interior designer with deep West Coast roots whose finished spaces include modern masterpieces as well as heritage loft conversions throughout Gastown. Alda is also known as one of the interior designers most often name-dropped in re-sale listings because any home she’s touched and shaped is so highly sought after.