English Bay, Vancouver, BC

West was Always best

The West End was the city’s first truly opulent neighbourhood. Imagine a place where residents played leisurely games of badminton on the lawns of grand Victorian mansions or splashed at the ocean’s edge, chilled cocktails in hand, and you’ve got the right idea.

Today, the sophistication and recreation of the past continues in the lifestyle at Mirabel. Paddle the shoreline with the playful harbour seals. Inhale the invigorating scent of Stanley Park’s wooded trails. Pick farm-fresh veggies from the colourful wooden crates outside the neighbourhood markets. Watch live musical theatre in the Park. Or sip and socialize on a different patio every day of the week before enjoying the easy walk back home. And the sand. Make sure to walk barefoot on this sand as often as you can.

English Bay, Vancouver, BC
A Sense of Belonging

The city’s most historic and iconic playground has earned a one-of-a-kind reputation for bringing people together.


People have long felt the magnetic pull of English Bay. Today, this 200-hectare, ocean-fringed peninsula is known for its warm, social nature, traffic-calmed streets, friendly shopkeepers and a tremendous sense of interconnectivity among its locals.


For more than 125 years, English Bay has offered an invigorating lifestyle found nowhere else in the city. Stanley Park’s magnificent 1,000 acres are in front of you; cobalt seas stretch on to the left and right; and a globally inspired downtown core surges to the south. In this special Vancouver neighbourhood, the great outdoors have never been greater.

English Bay, Vancouver, BC

The West End won “Best Neighbourhood” in the annual ‘Great Places of Canada Competition’ for its vibe, its looks and its all-around livability.

Old is New

Vancouver is a young metropolis by global standards but its West End neighbourhood is rich with tradition. Stanley Park opened in 1888, followed by the appearance of glamourous estate homes, convenient streetcar lines, the famed ivy-decorated Sylvia Hotel and even the Polar Bear Swim, whose chilly roots go back almost 100 years. Bold and beautiful for over a century, English Bay continues to shine.

Your Park

Stanley Park is the single most impressive greenspace in all of North America. From its kilometres of forested trails and 9-kilometre sea wall, to its 700-year- old hollow red cedar and the 32 million-year-old outcropping of Siwash Rock, this acclaimed park offers a bounty of history of natural wonders.

English Bay, Vancouver, BC
Joy Ride

In just five minutes, you can travel by quaint, rainbow-coloured boats to the Maritime Museum Ferry Dock at Kits Point, the Granville Island dock or all the way to Science World in the bustling Olympic Village neighbourhood.

City Life

With such a peaceful, neighbourly feel to the West End, you might actually forget you’re part of a world-class city, one that’s teeming with excitement and culture. Go on. Explore. Discover. And then amble back home, back to the tranquility of your beachside address.

Happy Hours

Delightful flavours are as easy to find here as fresh air and sea breezes. As to why, we credit the region’s seasonal ingredients, locally caught seafood, and a global mix of residents who proudly showcase authentic dishes straight from the homeland. If ever a city could be classified as tasty, it’s Vancouver.

English Bay, Vancouver, BC
Night Lights

The night is young and the entertainment is seasoned: Aqua Bus to Granville Island for a chilled IPA and just-caught seafood appetizers; head to the legendary Entertainment District for an evening of jazz; sip an Old Fashioned in the former warehouse district of Yaletown; or dine in one of Railtown's bespoke eateries, like Cuchillo or Ask for Luigi.

English Bay, Vancouver, BC

The Most Natural Urban Neighbourhood on Earth

Where can you find sandy shores, wide grassy slopes and TripAdvisor’s #1 Park In the World? You guessed it.